How to use your stove

  • Fill your combustion chamber with 200g of pellets.
  • Add 5ML of combustible fluid (paraffin or blue spirits) on the pellets
  • At any point before igniting the liquid turn on the fan.
  • Light the pellets with a match or alternative igniters.
  • The pellets will combust (burn) and the gasification process will start between 1 and 3 minutes to its optimal operating parameter.

COOKING TIME: You will have cooking time of +- 30 to 40 minutes per 200g load of pellets.

Once the fire stop burning, lift the combustion chamber out of the stove and smother the warm pellets in a tin and seal for use as fertilizer in the garden.

Please take care by not touching the hot surfaces as you could burn yourself.
Make sure that you keep all flammable liquids out of the hands of your children and the stove is out of reach during the cooking and cooling down process.